The Right Way to Start an Argument Essay

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Tips on How to Begin an Argument Essay

An argumentative essay revolves around two sides of an issue. The argument is presented through a narrative that allows the readers to make up their mind before reading the text. A writer should research the topic before starting the writing. As a result, the argument essay will have a consistent and high-quality flow, which is essential for making it attractive to a reader. This will also be easier for the writer to convince the audience.

How to Structure an Argumentative Essay

Using the outline, you will be able to follow the correct structure when writing the argument essay. The most general structure is the introduction, followed by the body and conclusion. In the introduction, you will give the topic or topic of discussion. Next, you will give a background of the subject and the current status of the topic.

An introductory paragraph is divided into three major sections. The introduction will give a background to the topic. The writer should make it catchy and captivating by using other relevant information to attract the readers.

The next step is to give your stance on the topic. A writer will focus on identifying weaknesses and strengths that relate to the topic. Do not forget to provide examples that support your opinions. Additionally, you should also describe the opposing stance and the good things about the other side.

You also need to talk about the positions on opposing side. Give facts about their positions and their effectiveness in bringing forth a new change in a current topic. This will help the reader get a clear judgment in your opinion.

Lastly, in the body section, you will make a bold claim. You will start by providing evidence from the research. Remember that you need to support the claim with relevant data. The body section will discuss every detail that supports the claim. The writer needs to include their opinion in the conclusion.

The conclusion will give a sense of ending a particular issue and the position that we have taken about the subject. Remember that the reader has to decide whether the position is useful or not. Using an analogy, the reader can decide whether to want the status quo or change.

Examples of an Argumentative Essay

As already mentioned, this paper is complicated to write. To write an excellent essay, it would be best if you start by understanding what it means to write an argument essay. First, the writer has to understand the topic first and understand the narrative structure. They have to research the topic well. You will then come to the conclusion and outline the discussion. Start with brief but clear sentences and keep them to the end.

Writing an informative, well-researched argumentative essay is not something easy for most people. With the proper tips, you will be able to create a great essay. Try them out today!

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