Gothic Horror RPG: Create Your Character

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1 Step to Character Creation

Whenever you create an account on the PlayStation 4, you are supposed to create a character. Creating a character is done via the PlayStation interface. At this point, you can choose to create the character in three different ways. You are supposed to go with the gender, race, and ethnicity options. You are also supposed to pick your character’s build and describe their personality in detail. If you decide to go with the usual preset characters, you’ll get several options like this:

  • Innocently charming – At this point, you are supposed to choose the most beautiful voice-over you want to use. The captivating narration is easy to pick out for your character.
  • Gorey – Choose this option if you are into erotic horror games like this one! Usually, the scenarios are graphic and sexualized.
  • Racy – choose this option if you prefer to write like a pro. Your character should be well-dressed but still look like you.
  • Gothic vampire – This is kind of a horror title where your character does not need to hide their identity. This is because they are bloodthirsty and highly-organized. Pick this option if you prefer to get raped by an undead vampire for fun or as a good scare.
  • Murderer – This might sound a bit gruesome, but it is not something you should mess with. Pick this option if you prefer to get a kick out of the whole situation.

What Makes a Good Character?

Even though your character can be as horrific as you want, it is important to stick to the basics. The game’s sanity systems include a short term memory, a short term memory, and a long term memory. It is up to you to stick to whichever one applies. The short term memory is an impression of what your character was like in the past. Therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself with more detail and clarify what exactly was going on in the game before you started writing your character. Remember, this part is also used for adjusting your character’s appearance.

Specify the Role of your Character

What role should your character be good at playing? It is up to you to answer this question. Do you want to be a thief, a fighter, or healers? It is always good to have these skills in mind when choosing your character’s skills. Additionally, note that the character can use magic items, which are defined differently depending on the genre of the game. So, read the skill description and pick a skill that suits your character.

Character Attributes

What does your character look like? Do they have funny sidekicks, superhuman strength, magic powers, or something else entirely? What are their abilities? These questions you need to ask yourself. Consider them, and you will eventually have a suitable character.

Written by: Brylan Paul

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