13 tips for the perfect division into Bachelor thesis and master’s thesis

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A look at the Outline makes the caregiver curious. Very good, he thinks, balanced, thought out. Although he wanted to daily short, he flips on and begins to read … The clock shows just before 10. At 10 is his clinic. Outside the door, some young people are already … Just quickly custom written college papers introduction read … A soft knock startles him. The clock shows well past 10. Come in, he calls. Gently stretched a student the head through the door and asks quietly whether there was no consultation today. But, but, he said, a little irritated, like someone who is disturbed in the middle of his favorite TV show

A little time to read? At the end there is the content and a few more as PDF Ebook to download

The writer of this dissertation must have done so something right … That she gets a 1.0, is clear. But how did she do that? Well, she’s “just” a great outline … Your thesis was a real story, with a red thread and a final. No wonder that the supervisor could not let go …

THE YOU can too!

You do not have to start from scratch. You can with a Specimen layout work. She shows you chapter by chapter the appropriate sub-headings. All chapters build on each other. Take your orientation only 10 minutes time for you and it.

If you think this chapter headings in your work einbaust, the Red Thread is immediately visible, and your thesis ends up “on the bedside table of the supervisor” .

Chapter 1 of the Structure: Introduction

Your introduction is like a aperitif before dinner . It whets the appetite for the text. Your supervisor is curious and gets a good mood. Finally again a good job …

Your first sentence is sitting is the nick-test. Almost everyone understands it, can agree with him and nods internally. Our patterns and examples Thesis Guide help you define and inspire you.

Incidentally Rumor has it that many caregivers read Introduction and Conclusion only accurate and just skip over the rest. I can not imagine really, because they have to write a detailed report to me. But the rumor keeps still persistent.

No matter how! See that even your introduction makes the best possible impression. Let there slotted it hold you in our examples, templates and formulations in the pattern outline . So you hit the same two birds with one stone: You have a plan for all the work and you the first pages , namely your introduction


Chapter 2 Outline: Theory

The chapter with the theory is like the basement of a house . Everything is on it. You describe the fundamental concepts in the theory chapter. What comes in the theory chapter? All major content for your work. Set your best to the pattern for the Theory chapter in our Thesis Guide .

By the way, you’re done with the theory chapter after ONE week, including reading. Just write with our five-page-per-day writing technique.

Chapter 3 Outline: The state of research

In the chapter research status You wear the previous knowledge together on the subject. The sources for the chapter are not books as in theory but scientific studies. You write down what which authors have found and how. Turn it into a decent chapter and a very good score is you almost certainly.

Unfortunately, you’ve had but little to do in the study of such scientific studies. Do not worry. Just fill in our table for the study evaluation from the Thesis Guide and follow our Guide . Then you get the chapter in a few days, even if your read English is not so outstanding under control.

Chapter 4 Outline: The approach or methodology

Your supervisor wants to know how did you proceed , how you came to your results. That comes in this chapter. You describe your methods and steps. Sounds simple … BUT: What’s the name Method , in which you just read only sources and summarized? Has a name? The is surely not READ, right? No, she does not mean.

Not only is there a method on a literature review but several. We have described in detail in our Thesis Guide . still and to find examples and formulations. So you write the chapter down in a few hours . The lifts your mood.

Chapter 5 Outline: The results

Finally, it will be exciting. So far you have only echoed and copied from other sources. Finally You can own findings to deliver. What will that be for knowledge? What you want to make the world better?

If you have empirical data collected or written in a company, then the answer is clear. But what is the result of a pure literary work? What are the findings? Because the answer is not so simple. For weeks or even months looking into sources of new knowledge does not lead to OWN findings. Because logically, your results must indeed be straight insights that are so NOT yet in the sources … Most old theses do not help here because again are not YOUR findings.

What will help you immediately

is a detailed instructions for answering your research question and sub-questions, with examples and formulations. Get TIMELY our Thesis Guide . Keep it on our examples, instructions, techniques and formulations and your own performance will work.

Chapter 6 Outline: The Conclusion

Finally, at the end! Your conclusion will close the circle. Remember the rumor that Managers exactly read only Introduction and Conclusion … So should fit together very well. Do you want to great Conclusion as an example? In Thesis Guide you can find it.

A great division requires of course, to write an error-free text.

Other tips for a great breakdown:

first Write no more than 6 subchapter in a chapter

Such a chapter is just a series of terms , some of which can be combined safely.

second If there is section 2.1, then 2.2 is necessary

2.1 2.2 without not at all. Who writes 01/02 must go, and 2.2. This error will immediately see and remove items of the supervisors. But above all, makes him the doubt your sincerity. Because of these harsh words testifies to neglect.

3rd Write no more than 6 chapters on 60 pages

While there is no fixed rule how many chapters it should be in a dissertation or master’s thesis. But the more chapter per fixed number of pages, the more unbalanced the chapters are likely to be. Good 5 to 6 Chapter 60 pages. Dissertations should be no more than 10 chapters on 200 pages. The typical bachelor’s or master’s thesis has six chapters described above.

Here are more than 20 such tips plus instructions and examples and templates and videos for the division?

Once the Managers Preferences to structure your dissertation or Master’s thesis makes, you have to follow these instructions, of course. Of course, the Chair requirements have Priority

With these tips, you’ll Your caregiver also drag the spell with your work. And you have a lot less work with your work.

Good luck with members wish you

Silvio and the team Aristolo

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Written by: Brylan Paul