One of the biggest questions I get asked on a pretty regular basis is “how much do tow drivers rake in?”  I mean, when you see tow trucks behind nearly every convenience store and on almost other block, people just seem to assume we must be rolling in money. They may be shocked at the real answer

Compensation, like in any industry, is kind of a loaded question. There’s a bunch of factors at play to consider if payment is a core concern of yours and you’re thinking about getting in to the towing game. So first off, the bad news; the average pay across the board for tow truck drivers is about $12 an hour. That actually isn’t awful; it also isn’t all that great. The most common pay range you’re going to find is from just over $9 to just shy of $17. Obviously, everyone would love to get closer to $17, but that probably isn’t going to happen, especially if you’re brand new to the scene.

Like with any industry, experience has a lot to do with how much a company would be willing to pay you and there are definitely levels. If you are a without a high school diploma and lack any real employment history, you’re definitely going to start out as the low man on the totem pole. Starting out, your yearly salary is probably going to hover around the $26,000 mark; drivers with two decades of experience receive about a $36,000 annual salary.

This still isn’t exactly a huge amount of money, and you’re definitely going to be working a ton of over time. Many companies don’t offer healthcare, either, since many towing companies are small local businesses. Now, you may be eligible to get paid overtime and even commission, so that would certainly help boost your salary. But you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting in to before signing on with them.


How Much Does Towing Cost?

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to call for a tow truck is they simply don’t know how much, exactly, it’s going to cost. And it’s probably a reason why people don’t like going to the mechanics to have their car worked on; you can get a $15 oil change, but then anything involving a major part is going to cost several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair.

Anything involving car care is a tough subject, especially if the person in question doesn’t have a whole lot of knowledge about cars. But even those who are gear heads can be caught off guard from how much a tow can cost them. The two single biggest factors to how much a tow is going to cost are location and competition.

Some areas of the country have stricter regulations in place for towing companies. From city to city, this puts a cap on what they can charge you, as well as what they can and cannot offer you for services. As a general baseline, you’re look at anywhere from just shy of $40 to maybe a little over $100, and that’s usually for upwards of five miles.  Anything over that starts getting charged like a cab company would, with a certain fee, usually around $5, for every mile past the first five. For example, the last time I was in Des Moines, Iowa, Towing Des Moines cost anywhere between $60-$120. And After 15 miles, it gets at 3 miles per mile in addition of the towing fee. Again, local regulations will limit this amount, and if no regulations are in play, you could be paying out the rear for this.

And if there’s only one tow driver in town, he’s going to charge whatever he feels like. But like any industry, competition is better for the consumer. If you have a hundred companies in your area, you’re probably getting a better deal. Hence why there’s the stereotype of the backwoods tow driver killing it over anyone else in town. Like anything, there’s a lot of truth to that joke.

A Clean And Clear Windshield

It can be such a pleasure to drive a clean vehicle, inside as well as outside. It usually doesn’t even matter what make or model you have as long as it smells fresh and looks clean, it just makes you feel a sense of pride. But, too often you will find that your vehicle is not as clean as you would like it to be, especially the windshield.

Bugs, dirt, grime and other nasty things can quickly build up on your windshield. A dirty windshield can impede you view while you are driving and also make your car look dingy. Lucky for you, there many techniques and products available that will leave your windshield streak-free and clean.

This important issue to make your vehicle safer on the road by keeping your windshield clean is not very complicated.  In fact, it can be quite easy. With regular cleaning and scheduled maintenance, cleaning your windshield can be a breeze.

A home remedy to remove bugs and grime is as simple as coca-cola in a spray bottle. This will require a little planning ahead but only so much as keeping a spray bottle in your car. When you stop at a gas station, go inside and get a coke-cola to use in the spray bottle and spritz the windshield. Give it a few minutes before rinsing the coke off. The acid in the Coke will eat away at the bugs and allow you to wipe them away easily but be sure to do this in the shade. You wouldn’t want the coke to dry on your windshield.

Another remedy is using the nylon netting from a bag of onions. Upon removing the onions and saving the nylon you can use it to break up and scrub the bug remains off the windshield without damaging your car. Then you use a small amount of baking soda on a damp sponge to remove any remains the onion bag didn’t get and finish rinsing with water.